Graphic Design

In the last year I created posters for various clients.

~Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate App


U of W Classics Club


The Classics Club of the University of Winnipeg requested a poster to attract students to enroll in the club. During the brief their main criteria was to have a Greek statue in the design.


Upon receiving the copy, the idea of creating a conversation between two statues immediately appeared. I rendered the illustration in a comic book style to produce the final result.

NDRC Programming


The goal of the organisation was to create a poster that would attract the attention of young hockey players that frequented the hockey arena at the Notre Dame Recreational Centre.


Though the Impact Label font can be a little kitch, I chose to use it to give a feeling of the 1970’s. I do admit I have a soft spot for the font due the pleasure I had a youngster using the real label maker. The label motif allowed me to place the copy at odd angles to give the poster a more DIY feeling. Accompanying content rich emails based on the design of the poster were also created which included a live image based link/button which connected to an online registration form.

Zumba Class


Once again Notre Dame Recreational Centre was wanting to have a poster that stood out from the rest of the posters in the arena lobby. The objective was to give the details of the workshop and get them to email for more information or register.


Since Zumba carries loads of energy, I chose to reflect that with colour and form. I tried to avoid an austere grid layout but at the same time provide structure to direct the eye of the viewer. The colour choices are meant to excite the senses. The images were copyright free and were coloured in Photoshop and vectorised in Illustrator. In this case also, graphical type emails were created with a link to the online form.

UWCSA Trivia Night


The client’s idea for this Trivia Night poster was to have a Greek statue with many question marks surounding it.


I found a copyright free image of David and cracked open his skull and scattered the question marks that represent knowledge.

UWCSA Movie Night


The U of W Classics Club approached me once again to create a poster for their Movie Night. They asked that I feature an image of Brad Pitt in his warrior gear.


I watched excerpts of the movie to get a feel and debated how I was going to represent Brad Pitt in the poster. My main concern was using copyrighted material in the poster. Shortly after watching the movie excerpts I realised that Pitt’s main identifying feature was the protective head gear he wore in battle. So, using screen grabs, a bit of collage in Photoshop and Illustrator, the accompanying illustration was created.

Cre8ery Gallery & Studio


A friend, Jordan Miller, owner and founder of Cre8ery posted on Facebook one day that she wished she could afford to hire a designer to create a poster for her member’s exhibit as she had a lot on her plate; so I volunteered and she accepted.  Her idea was to have different picture frames showcasing the art of the people who submitted for the show.


My concern was obtaining permission from several artists to reproduce their work on the poster. This may have created more work for Jordan who was already very busy with her upcoming solo exhibition. 

So upon receiving the first few images, we picked a couple and asked the artist for higher resolution versions of the images and they obliged. I decided to not put the artwork into the picture frames and chose to use them as texture more so. Thanks to Heather Gillespie for allowing the use of her artwork.


Digital Illustration is one of my favourite pastimes. Below is a sample of my work.


This is my latest ongoing series of digital illustrations called Veracity. I named the series this because there is some personal truth behind the work. Some of these images are destined to be poster sized screen prints.

~Illustrator, Procreate App, Magic Poser, Poser and Photoshop



I had the idea to create a series of portraits based on selfies that people choose for themselves. The goal was to create portraits that exploded with colour and pattern. 

~Marker and Photoshop


Graphic Journalism

Part of my exploration has included the practice of Graphic Journalism.

~Marker, Illustrator, Procreate App, Photoshop


Process Video

Experimentation with the grid process.

~Marker, Illustrator, Photoshop



I have taught myself how to build websites using the WordPress CMS platform and the Elementor page builder. Click on the logos below to go to the websites.


I have recently been creating motion graphics using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate CC, Tumult Hype HTML5 Animation Tool and Google Web Designer.

HTML5 Animations

Below are animations examples I proposed for a monthly print and online newsletter called Wellnessnews. We explored the possibility of creating animated ads for their clients. 


Wellnessnews Test Project

Wellnessnews Client Promotion and Animated Logo. Click on image to view.


Children's E-Book

These loop-able animations below are for a children’s ebook using images from a book that is already published. The illustrations were not built with layers so each image had to be broken down into layers in order to animate them. (Created with Adobe Photoshop, Animate CC and After Effects.)