Examples of my work in film, video, and podcasting. Click below for a credit list of my film, and television work.

Promotional Videos

The following two videos were created recently on a minimal to no budget using a DSLR camera. 


Sarah Lamontagne Photo

This is a promotional video I created for Winnipeg Photographer Sarah Lamontagne. Filmed on a Panasonic GH4, edited in Premiere Pro. ( Filmed and edited over two days ) 

Le Ragazze Italiane

This is a concert promo I produced for a local Italian performance troupe “Le Ragazze Italiane con Niamo Raga.” Lit with a bit of bar lighting, three Red Heads and a couple of small fresnels.

The Corner Tapes

This is a podcast that I started just before the pandemic. They are audio essays and poems where I talk to people on the street. Oftentimes, however, I do a lot of the talking. My angle usually starts from a personal story or question.  You can listen to the podcast here or click on the image below. 


Note to Myself

I have experienced varying levels of anxiety throughout my life and these T-Shirts are meant to kick off conversations about anxiety. If you want a T-Shirt visit here.


Multimedia Installation

Recently in 2018, I have been recognized as an emerging artist in the Media Arts category by the Manitoba Arts Council. Since 2015 I have been exploring uncommon ways to present documentary storytelling. In my research I discovered “projection mapping”, a technique that is best described as projecting video on selected areas of a three dimensional structure. The following two links are documentation of my work using this video presentation method.


FF 20

A projection mapping installation highlighting the founders of the Freeze Frame International Film Festival for Kids of All Ages.

OSM Nuit Blanche

Another projection mapping installation featuring the Manitoba film industry.

Documentary Writer / Director

Starting in about 2009 I began to accept opportunities as a television documentary series director. I have written and directed a number of documentary series in the past twelve years. 


Je suis michif

This is a four part documentary series about a young woman, Aimée Craft,  on a quest for her Métis Identity. It was produced in the French language and aired on Radio-Canada.

Nagamowin - The Song

This is a 13 part documentary/variety program featuring Indigenous musical artists who visit a First Nations community where they are challenged to write and perform a Tribute Song for the community. It was produced for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. I was responsible for all 13 episodes and field directed ten of the thirteen episodes.

Documentary Cinematography

I pursued documentary camera work and narrative film making in tandem during the 90’s and 2000’s. During that time documentary became my bread and butter so to speak. The following examples are not what you would traditionally expect as documentary but they are examples that feature a carefully crafted narrative and visual language.



This is a documentary that highlights the life of John Hirsch, the founder of the Manitoba Theatre Centre. Filmmaker, Noam Gonick took an innovative approach to telling this story.

What If

Another short documentary film by Noam Gonick about Lesley Silverman, former Artistic Director of Manitoba Theatre for Young People. It was produced by the National Film Board for the Governor General Awards.

Music Videos

The following is a sample of music videos I have filmed early on in my career.


The Weakerthans - Our Retired Explorer

The Weakerthans - Diagnosis

Nathan - Sunset Chaser

Blue Meanies - 7026 36th Ave.

Fiction Cinematography

Light and composition has always been a passion of mine.  Over the years I have spent plenty of time observing light and trying to figure out how to reproduce what I saw onto film or video.

Though I have collected some of my work over the years, I have yet to convert many of the videos to a digital format. Consequently, I am limited to show you the few films I was able to find on the internet. Please forgive the varying levels of quality and improper aspect ratio in some cases.

Please click on the images to view the videos.


The Nature of Nicholas

This film by Jeffery Erbach, is my third feature film as a cinematographer. It received an award for Best Cinematography at the 2003 Manitoba Blizzard Awards and Best Cinematography at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, the only internationally recognized film festival in South America.

The Christmas Orange

This is a CBC production featuring children’s performer Al Simmons, directed by Robert Kirbyson. I am pleased with the end result of this film as it was the first time I used a 18,000 watt lighting fixture. It was also a challenging production because Al Simmons played most of the characters in the film so it required some careful blocking.